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Frequently Asked Questions 

If you have any other questions about the smart home outlets, please feel free to contact us!

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High-performance cloud platform far exceeds industry standards in terms of operating performance, stability, and security


The ZigBee products of the smart home have the best wireless connection and transmission performance in the industry


Multi-category to meet the multi-scenario application environments and requirements


Free shipping fee for any value purchases online


With ZigBee as the system core, users can realize the intelligent linkage of multibrand and cross-category products at home


Discuss smart device combinations according to your requirements

Here are some important questions:

What is Smart Home?

A smart home or connected home means that various applications and devices from lighting to security can be controlled remotely using a mobile device with an internet connection. Homeowners can manually set the working hours of applications according to their unique living habits, or they can control the smart devices anytime, anywhere.

In 2018, the average Australian household had more than 10 connected devices. It is predicted to reach more than 30 devices by 2024. 

Why do I need a smart home?

A smart home can make your life easier, your home safer, and the planet greener.

If a house can turn on the lights ahead of time and set the house to the right temperature when you get home, you're not alone. If you leave the house and forget to lock the door, you can check it on your phone. If someone tries to break the door, you can immediately receive an alarm message and call the police. If you can control the working status of your application at any time no matter where you are, it helps to save energy and money.

What does the Smart Home Outlets (MC2) actually do?

MC2 Investments provide the best smart devices in the market. We provide the professional suggestions about how to combine products according to your particular requirements. We also offer the free shipping for any products bought from our website.

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