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MC2 Smart Door Lock

Intelligence with Doorbell

Five in one unlock           Cat-eye burglar-proof            Bring own doorbell                Security alarm                Low battery reminder


Five in One Unlock

Semiconductor silicon sensor fingerprint recognition technology

High fingerprint imaging accuracy

Remote unlock

Send a one-time temporary password to unlock

Password unlock

Virtual password plus anti-peeping

Swipe to unlock

300 encrypted access cards can be added


Fingerprint unlock

100 groups of fingerprints can be registered


Mechanical key unlock

Emergency unlocking method


Cat-eye Burglar Proof

7X24 Hours Protection

It can not only prevent thieves from breaking into the house through the cat's eye lock, but also prevent children or pets from "running away from home"


Bring Own Doorbell

Wake up the keypad in the password area, touch the doorbell icon, and the "ding-dong" bell will sound twice in a row


Security Alarm

Burglar alarm

When violent lock picking occurs, the APP immediately pushes a message to remind the user that someone is picking the lock




Abnormal door open alarm

If it fails to unlock 5 times in a row within 3 minutes, it will be automatically locked for 3 minutes and the illegal operation will be prompted by voice

Support Virtual Password 

After entering a few arbitrary numbers, enter the correct password in succession to unlock, and enter at most 15 digits at a time (including the correct password)


Low Battery Reminder

When the battery of the door lock is lower than 20%, there will be a voice prompt every time the door is unlocked, and the LCD screen will show that the battery is low

ZigBee Energy-saving Technology 

Adopt ZigBee leaf node design, 8 AA batteries can be used normally for more than 1 year (365 days + battery life)


*The battery cannot be unlocked when the battery is exhausted, but it can be opened by powering the USB port of the power bank

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